Hsiang-Lin Kuo

Wearable Anecdotes


— Part of graduation work at Design Academy Eindhoven Masters Contextual Design.

My journey into hiking opened doors to adventures in the Taiwanese mountains, making the region's bittersweet past tangible and accessible to me. These long walks both evoked and calmed my thoughts and sparked debates, echoing the sentiment expressed by Jeng-Dao Chen on one of our excursions: 'Hiking keeps the relationship with the mountain alive.'

In this text-based thesis, I emphasize the importance of embodiment. This chapter serves as an attempt to document my research through firsthand experiences. I have archived six examples of (un)fashionable mountain tools, which include pattern blocks for the rain boot, carrying frame, aluminum pot, head strap, and waterproof tarp. The collection invites you to experience these life-scale (un)fashionable mountain tools through garments.

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