Hsiang-Lin Kuo

Unromanticizing Mountains Through (un)Fashionable Mountain Tools


— Part of graduation work at Design Academy Eindhoven Masters Contextual Design.

Digital Thesis(Sneak peak):

In this publication, Kuo embarked on an exploration that transcends the traditional confines of mountain tools, drawing inspiration from the vernacular hiking culture in Taiwan. Through the lens of fashion, the research endeavors to deconstruct or "unfashion" commercial mountain tools, providing a critical analysis of the myths surrounding these hyper-objects.

Simultaneously, (un)fashionable mountain tools serve as vessels for the narratives of Taiwanese mountain dwellers, bearing the imprints of the nation’s colonial history, thereby presenting alternative lens through which to view human-mountain relationships.

Through an in-depth analysis of six hand crafted, hardware-collaged mountain tools, this publication endeavors to shed light on the intricate entanglements of contemporary society within context of hiking. These tools, produced from a low tech, DIY ethos, not only represent a departure from commercial norms but also encapsulate the stories of those intimately connected to the mountains. By presenting these narratives, the publication seeks to challenge prevailing perspectives and encourage a more diverse connection with the natural world.


本書的田野研究源自一個身體體感的山,藉由不斷地行走、攀爬、流汗和喘息,感受登山工具(Mountain Tools)作為人跟山的之間不可或缺的介質。


書本為九頁散裝,其中第七章為九張散頁打開後拼裝而成,並且收錄了六件台灣山友自製的登山裝備的觀察紀錄「Wearable Anecdotes」 服裝版型。