Hsiang-Lin Kuo

RAW Studies


“Designer as an Anthropologist”.

RAW studies in Wan Hua was based on a 6-month field study in the old district of Taipei.
The goal is to generate, possibly, first-hand reference by engaging in the modern culture itself. How do we extract valuable directly from our surroundings? How about escaping the trap of handily sourcing reference from scrolling visuals on personal screens?
The project developed a geometric system to translate illegal housing forms into wearables. Such settlements was a consequence of popluation growth after WWII, and had crucial impact on the urban cityscape of the current. The studies included documentation of cityscapes by paper sculpting, degradation of dimension into flats, and finally, the translation of the findings into wearable landscapes.

The project was actively engaged with the local network, including a 4-month collaboration with a selection of students in Jhang Shu International Technical High School, New Taipei City. The work was exhibited in the Culture-Lab of Contemporary Arts, as well as Waley Art Gallery in May and September.



Full Documentaition: https://issuu.com/kuoie/docs/1-cover-intro

Artist residency, Textile Work, Fashion Design, Workshops
Waley Art Gallery
“Site Specific” Residency Exhibition
Taipei, Taiwan
Hsiang-Lin Kuo


台北 台灣