Hsiang-Lin Kuo

郭向凌,藝術家、服裝設計師及針織編程師。創作探索設計的田野方法,將經驗轉化、構築成為設計思考的基底。作品以服裝(wearables)、織品、影像和寫作等形式探討文化符號、時尚神話(fashion mythologies)和現今社會的關係。

歷年作品在荷蘭設計週(Dutch Design Week)、米蘭設計週(Salon Del Mobile)、臺北當代藝術館(MOCA Taipei)、當代文化實驗場(C-Lab)、水谷藝術(Waley Art)、松菸文創園區、實踐大學等展出;作品This Is Escapism At Its Best(2017-2018) 於2018年獲得東京新人獎獎項,並在東京Amazon服裝週發表。

2023年畢業於荷蘭愛因荷芬設計學院(Design Academy Eindhoven),2018年畢業於台灣實踐大學服裝設計系,目前任教於荷蘭愛因荷芬理工大學工業設計系穿戴實驗室(Wearable Senses Lab),並擔任阿姆斯特丹服裝設計學院(Amsterdam Fashion Institute)針織實驗室研究員。

Hsiang-Lin Kuo is a wearables designer, knit coder, and artist currently based in the Netherlands. Her creative pursuits center around contemporary fashion narratives, wearable technology, and the exploration of embodied social dynamics.

With a foundation in fashion design, Kuo's early work primarily delved into material and texture innovations. Her passion for artistic research was cultivated during her academic journey in the Fashion Design department at Shih Chien University and the Textile Design program at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

Since 2014, Kuo’s works have been featured in both solo and group exhibitions across global cultural hubs such as Amsterdam, Milan, Cairo, Tokyo, and Taipei. In 2018, her project, "This Is Escapism At Its Best (2018)," received recognition with the Craftsmanship Award at the Tokyo Young Designer’s Grand Prix during Amazon Fashion Week.

In 2023, Kuo earned her master's degree from the Contextual Design program at the Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands.